Where to go for Senior Care Information

Medline Plus should be your first stop for health information on the Internet. It is from the National Library of Medicine and it is free. This website will always give you good and accurate facts. Medline Plus information is reliable, current, written by professionals and free of ads. Covering hundreds of topics, with thousands of pages, the website is very comprehensive and features:

  • Health topics pages
  • Drug and supplement information
  • Medical dictionary and encyclopedia
  • Directories
  • Interactive health tutorials
  • Health news

The Medline Plus Senior resource section has answers to seemingly any question you could ever have about Senior Health.  With hundreds of pages and related links it, to use a Talbot County phrase, “Covers the waterfront”.

Medline Plus is available in several languages, including Spanish.

Other Reputable Websites & Important Senior Topics

Caregiving and Older Adults


  • Healthcare.gov helps you find insurance options and make choices
  • Veteran’s Affairs details Veterans health benefits, health programs and locations of VA facilities
  • Benefits.gov gives facts on all types of government benefits

Medicine & Payment Help

  • Pillbox provides facts about pills, pictures of each pill and side effects.
  • Consumer Med Safety offers tips for taking medicines safely including storing and discarding, and poisoning.
  • Needy Meds details free or low cost medicine payment programs (800-503-6897).
  • RxAssist explores payment help with medicines and give links to free or low cost healthcare programs.
  • Partnership for Prescription Assistance provides payment help with medicines and links to free or low-cost diabetes supplies, hearing aids, savings cards, and more.

Advance Care Planning

Healthcare plans for the future is an important step to make sure that you will get the medical care that you want. These websites will provide the information you will want to have.

  • National Institute on Aging provides tips and help for advance directives, how to select someone to help you make health decisions, and more.
  • Caring Connections gives information and support for planning ahead and includes links for advance directives for all states.
  • Aging With Dignity provides an easy-to-write living will or advance directive.
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