Who to Contact:

Neighborhood Service Center: 410-822-5015

Department of Social Services: 410-770-4848

Brookletts Senior Center: 410-822-2869

Who hasn’t been down on their luck? It can happen for the darnedest of reasons, and, most often, they are beyond our control. It could be a health emergency, an accident, or a drought that caused a poor crop; it can be any of the many curveballs that life sometimes throws our way. And, this can be especially true for Seniors.

The good news is that Talbot County has resources to help you in your time of need. A simple phone call, and a demonstration of need, can provide you with assistance for food, rent, transportation, medical, and even energy and utility bills.

The key players in Talbot are the Neighborhood Service Center, the Department of Social Services (who can access Federal and Maryland safety net services), The Brookletts Senior Center, and many of our churches and faith-based organizations. Here is where to go for what you may need:

Food: See page 56 (Meal Services) for a complete list of local meal providers. Contact Social Services for information on Food Stamps.

Rent and Housing: The Neighborhood Service Center can direct you to the county’s eviction protection program, and access emergency help with back rent. They also administer assistance for those seeking emergency shelter and can help locate permanent housing.

Medical: The Talbot County Department of Social Services provides a federal entitlement program that allows low-income individuals to obtain medical care and treatment. See page 47 for more information.

Transportation: Delmarva Community Transit, Partners In Care, The Talbot County Health Department and Veteran’s Affairs offer transportation services for the home-bound, the elderly and low income individuals. See page 54 (Transportation), for more details.

Energy and Utility Bills: The Neighborhood Service Center can direct you to the Maryland Energy Assistance Program which helps pay home heating bills. They can also work with you to protect you from service termination.

Weatherization: The Neighborhood Service Center operates the federally funded Weatherization Service, which helps household lower energy consumption
and lower bills by making housing more
energy efficient.

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