Nowhere is the phrase, “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder” more relevant than when you are showing your house to prospective buyers. Your lifetime of memories may be their clutter, or your delightful collection of antique teapots might remind them of their least favorite aunt. The simple fact is that if your home does not put its best foot forward to as many buyers as possible, it won’t sell for as much – and it won’t sell as fast.

While your real estate agent will provide valuable advice about positioning your home for sale, today, more and more Realtors® and home sellers are turning to Home Stagers to sell houses quicker
and for a higher price.

Home staging can be as simple as rearranging furniture or as complicated as temporarily adding new furniture, art and accessories. It can cost as little as a few hundred dollars or as much as thousands – but the determining factor is that it should more than pay for itself with a higher sale price and a quicker sale.

The SourceBook details many do-it-yourself techniques to show your house in the best possible light, but it is worth considering home staging for what it can do that you can’t.

Consider the following:

  • It is hard to be objective about your home because you are emotionally involved. A professional can determine how you can best use what you have and help if you need to add something else.
  • You have been living in your house for a long time so there are many things that you don’t really “see” anymore.
  • A fresh perspective and an eye trained in what buyers want can make a big difference.
  • You have good taste but you may not necessarily have a designer’s eye.
  • You may not have the time or the patience to deal with all of the details that a Home Stager will.
  • You know what makes your home comfortable for you, but do you really know what sells in the local market?

Actually, staging is the opposite of decorating. Staging is about de-personalizing a home so that it is attractive to the largest pool of buyers. By neutralizing and de-cluttering, it emphasizes your home’s best features.

Finding a Home Stager

You won’t find Home Stager listings in the Yellow Pages, but we can help you find one. For up-to-date information on Home Stagers serving Talbot County feel free to call the Senior Services SourceBook at 410-443-2369.

You might want to compare staging to selling your car. Wouldn’t you remove personal effects and loose change and get it detailed? And, that is pretty much what home staging is all about – detailing your house so it will sell for more.

Home staging is an investment towards getting a higher price when you sell your home. Rather than looking at it as an expense, many consider it a small down payment towards
a bigger return.

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